Maggie Daley公园景观改造设计

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Maggie Daley公园景观改造设计平面图

新的Maggie Daley公园区域统一Daley Bicentennial纪念广场,the Cancer Survivors花园和Peanut公园,在芝加哥的市中心位置创建一个连续的独立的公共公园。

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Maggie Daley公园园区以两个对角线轴为导向,从西北到东南方向将设立一条休闲娱乐的走廊,其中包括一个三英亩的游乐园,咖啡馆,攀岩公园,和一个坐落在常绿林中的季节性溜冰带。在夏季,溜冰带将是一条园路。游乐园将提供创新的游乐设备,并为家长和护理人员提供舒适的休闲聚会场所。从东北到西南方向上,连续的道路网络将提供广阔的开放式休闲绿地。毗邻the Cancer Survivors花园,建立了一个新的野餐园,而Daley Bicentennial纪念广场的网球场将迁往Peanut公园。

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Running northwest-to-southeast will be a corridor of active recreation, including a three-acre play garden, a café, a rock-climbing park, and a seasonal ice-skating ribbon nestled in an evergreen grove. In the summer, the ice ribbon will be a paved path, allowing for circulation and access to the climbing walls. The play garden will provide both innovative play equipment and multifunctional areas for imagination-driven play, incorporating discrete themed zones, accessible equipment, and comfortable gathering spaces for parents and caregivers.

Running in the other direction, northeast-to-southwest, a continuous lawn valley and a network of paths will provide opportunities for peaceful recreational engagement with broad open green space, while choreographing views of Chicago and Lake Michigan. Adjacent to the Cancer Survivors Garden, new picnic groves will create more intimately scaled gathering places. Daley Bicentennial Plaza’s popular tennis courts will be relocated to Peanut Park, where they will be flanked by a lookout hill that will allow views over Lake Shore Drive to the lake beyond.

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