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The visitor center北京未来科技城公园访客中心景观设计项目位于昌平未来科技城公园入口广场中心区域。公园访客中心设置在入口广场平台之下,南侧为公园入口树形广场,北侧面向驳岸及公园湖面,西侧的树形平台向体育中心延展,东侧与展览中心遥相呼应。


北京未来科技城公园访客中心景观方案造型设计以现代、简洁的建筑语言结合传统中国园林意境为出发点,将建筑与广场景观巧妙、有机地结合起来。景观设计师利用树形广场平台高差使整个建筑与环境充分融合,同时用起坡下沉等“隐” 的方法进行设计,以减少建筑对景观环境在视觉上的冲击,使建筑成为景观的一部分,不可分割。公园访客中心建筑立面材料用清水混凝土与玻璃幕墙进行对比,凸显简洁现代的建筑风格。




The project is located in the central area of the main square of the park in Changping Future Science City. The visitor center is set under the platform of the square, the south side is the tree-shaped plaza in the park, the north side faces the revetment and the park lake, the tree-shaped platform on the west side extends to the sports center, and the east side echoes the exhibition center.
The design of the project combines the modern and concise architectural language with the traditional Chinese garden conception, linking the architecture and the landscape in an ingenious and organic way. By utilizing the height difference of the tree-shaped square platform to fully integrate the whole building with the environment. Meanwhile, some ‘hidden’ method such as sinking the ramp has been adopted to reduce the visual impact of the building on the environment and make the building an inseparable part of the landscape. For the façade material, fair faced concrete is contrasted with the glass curtain wall, highlighting the modern and concise architectural style.
As an auxiliary facility of the entrance to the park, the visitor center is divided into two parts. The east side of the Zone A is set with service halls, sales, office, cleaning, storage and other functions. In the Zone B on the west side, facilities such as public restrooms, dressing rooms, shower rooms, plant rooms and weak current distribution room in the park are set up.
The main entrances of Zone A and B are facing the passage of the middle part, and the two landscape arc walls guides the flow to the north side. There are two secondary entrances and exits for evacuation purposes in the north side of Zone A to the outdoor courtyard and the south side to the entrance courtyard. On the north side of Zone B, a secondary entrance for logistic staff and fitness personnel in the park is set up through the guidance of the landscape arc wall.
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