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新加坡西部的Jurong Lake District regional centre将发展成新加坡的第二中央商务区。结合区域内高铁总站的智能技术,该中央商务区可持续向未来的区域提供超过400万平方米的工作,生活,零售和休闲建筑项目,更可适应未来发达经济的增长与变化。
该中央商务区的详细总体规划旨在将该地区发展成为提供现场工作娱乐设施的新CBD,并围绕未来的吉隆坡 - 新加坡高速铁路终点站建设。该中央商务区的规划设计包括新的水循环系统和一系列数字化景观数据的连接,为新加坡创造一个独特的“花园之城”。政府划分了 360公顷的研究区总体规划和160公顷的详细总体规划,用于新加坡未来高速铁路总站周围的高密度混合用途区域,超过400万平方米的住房,商业建筑面积,会展,零售,休闲,文化和社区设施; 360公顷的研究区总体规划提供100公顷的新公园,70公顷的新水体,17公里的无障碍海滨,15公顷的公共交通专区,39公里的新自行车道。

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城市类型学在垂直城市概念中最大化垂直城市绿化,并为活跃的移动性,步行性和互动公共空间创建街景网络。综合的可持续城市系统通过建议将所有主要交通工具(边缘停车场枢纽和下车)和工程设置在城市的公共服务隧道之下,最大优化街景,创建基础设施和汽车区。现有的建筑,景观和生态系统得到尊重,并与新发展进行有力的交互对话。未来的建筑将符合BCA Green Mark Platinum并增添新的区域基础设施(区域冷却,气动废物),以减少资源和人力消耗。

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The Jurong Lake District regional centre in west Singapore will be developed into Singapore’s 2nd Central Business District based on a masterplan by a multi-disciplinary team lead by KCAP. The smart, sustainable and future proof district surrounding the HSR terminus will provide over four  million square meters built program for working, living, retail and leisure and is designed for the flexible long-term evolution of the future economy.

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The detailed masterplan for the site has the ambition to develop the area into a new CBD that provides live-work-play amenities and is built around the future Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High-Speed Rail terminus. Qualities of the plan are its high-density mixed-use programme which incorporates new waterways and a series of stacked horizontal landscape datum and connections that weave through the entire district to create a distinctive identity for Singapore and its vision as a ‘City in the Garden’ next to the beautiful Jurong Lake Gardens.

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The urban typology maximizes vertical urban greenery within a vertical city concept and creates a streetscape network for active mobility, walkability and interactive public spaces. The integrated, sustainable urban systems maximize the streetscape by proposing to place all major transport (fringe car park hubs and drop-offs) and engineering below the city (common services tunnel), creating layers of optimized infrastructure and a car-lite district. Existing heritage buildings, landscapes and ecosystems are respected and repurposed in a powerful dialogue with the new development. The future buildings will meet BCA Green Mark Platinum and plug into the district infrastructure (district cooling, pneumatic waste) to reduce resource and manpower consumption.

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With its strategic location, open environment and optimized programming, the area will become a new gateway to Singapore and will serve as the new hub for the nascent science and innovation corridor, setting a new benchmark in Singapore for integrated work, knowledge, leisure and living environments. The URA describes the masterplan a “model district of the future” for integrated, smart planning.
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