Indian garden design线性阶梯景观印度花园景观项目 ...

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Penda combines stepwells with water mazes for Indian garden design
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Indian garden design线性阶梯景观印度花园景观项目

 Indian garden design线性阶梯景观印度花园景观项目
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The design features of Indian stepwells and water mazes are combined in this proposal for a landscaped garden by architecture studio Penda (+ slideshow).2 F0 B2 S, E$ g, D# B9 V

! D) ]! l' \* {) H) x/ h: p6 sThe aim is to create a communal space where residents of the 127 apartments can host friends, walk their dogs or simply spend some quiet time away from their living spaces.
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Indian garden design线性阶梯景观印度花园景观项目

 Indian garden design线性阶梯景观印度花园景观项目

# p4 F4 x8 s/ e2 p7 ~( P; Q- EThe studio's design brings together elements of two traditional Indian landscape features: rectangular pools surrounded by steps, and shallow decorative mazes filled with water.; R- M* |( [) B& ^2 O8 P

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Indian garden design线性阶梯景观印度花园景观项目

 Indian garden design线性阶梯景观印度花园景观项目
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"We were always inspired by Indian stairwells," explained studio founders Chris Precht and Sun Dayong, whose other projects include a vision for a bamboo city and a house modelled on a tree stump.! O- c. ~( `: i6 P6 _- c
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They continued: "It is very rare to find an architectural typology where function and beauty are so intertwined, and a harmony of human needs and environmental impact is so in balance."& f$ f* n( ]( ^! x8 E
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Indian garden design线性阶梯景观印度花园景观项目

 Indian garden design线性阶梯景观印度花园景观项目
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6 |/ ~& [+ k  V0 R; w) @! {4 tPenda将stepwells与水迷宫相结合,用于印度花园设计.目的是创建一个公共空间,127个公寓的居民可以接待朋友,遛狗或只是在他们的生活空间度过一段安静的时间。
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