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AUBE欧博设计:深圳深湾街心公园项目位于深圳湾超级总部的城市公共绿色轴线上,红树湾项目西侧,占地1.16公顷,于2019年年末建成,是深圳湾超级总部片区建成的第一个公共空间。该公园项目是打造高密度业态间的缓冲带及润滑剂,满足了超总片区居民运动交流的需求,具有生态和城市活力的示范性。$ [' Z; v' {1 `! W0 r6 r0 f% Q
* r* M6 {( J3 W8 Z
. E! B' A' b) f, o+ _' G公园景观设计的活力来源于城市规划设计,它以园林景观建筑规划设计健康为主题设计激活邻里社交,以园林景观建筑规划设计雨水环境生态循环装置激发儿童对大自然的兴趣。公园景观设计是周边城市规划设计居民的生活外延,社区慢跑者的集结地;是自然语言在高密度都市核心区的表达。
) B+ u" M2 f# V" RAUBE CONCEPTION: Shenwan Street Park lies on the urban public green axis of Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base and the west of the Mangrove Bay project. Built at the end of 2015, the Park on a land of 1.16 ha. is the first public space completed in the Headquarters Base. As a buffer and lubricant for high-density trade mix, the Park not only meets local residents’ needs for sports and interactions, but also set up an example in urban ecology and vitality.0 g- N# x! d  z- \& I
The vitality of the Park is originated from the city. It invigorates social interactions of the neighborhood with the theme of health, and inspires children’s interest in nature with ecological installations of rainwater recycling. As an extension of urban life, it provides a popular venue for jogging in the neighborhood, and makes a statement of nature within a high-density urban setting.
( h" T+ n0 L7 s1 u ) E  `. o% z) t# D

4 L5 {/ r; }- x3 J% i mooool_AUBE_Shenwan-Street-Park_1.jpg : m6 [8 O/ L. T. U5 C& A& }
2 l6 u' `7 k( w$ P
! k$ l3 Y9 w+ d' ^# i% H- E* [- p
+ X1 }5 E& T9 ^9 JA TOD-based public space solution: create a well-established urban public system# l% `5 I5 V! {, k  t
( i% g; D% o) b1 w$ D0 d3 U0 r: ~* G, J公园景观设计北侧地铁站广场,集成地铁口风雨连廊、出租上车落客、公交等候停泊、过街红灯等候、街角林荫遮阴、自行车停放等设计功能,满足行参与者交通穿越及换乘等候需求,实现了地铁换乘、站前集散、公交等候、步行过街等一体化完整而顺畅的城市规划设计步行系统。) |" |7 X1 }: g6 q, l: {2 F
The Park provides a well-established public space system that includes diverse public green spaces, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood and urban slow traffic system, transforming all the inactive spaces and grey building spaces into human-oriented pocket parks and street corner parks.# n+ I: e) M9 [7 z. T+ A: Y
On the north of the Park is a metro station square, which integrates functions like all-weather metro entrance, taxi pick-up/drop-off, temporary parking for public bus, waiting area for street- crossing pedestrians, tree shading at street corner, and bicycle parking etc.. All these measures help meet the pedestrians’ needs for road-crossing and waiting for interchange, and realize an integrated and smooth urban pedestrian system for metro interchange, station front traffic distribution, bus waiting and road crossing etc.
* [3 w' o  @3 U3 p; Q5 I
* a# ?8 ~1 F; F6 o# d, O2 n▼公园景观设计鸟瞰图 The Aerial View of street park
, q1 W2 f, Z% N
$ V) j# s1 s* C% g/ @! M/ I& y mooool_AUBE_Shenwan-Street-Park_2.jpg
$ r# q* Y3 t; L8 X
8 k' X% u: f8 k2 b3 f& ~9 b 4 S1 F4 J9 P7 j2 L( j' Z. V" L
能量的聚集与转换:风力雨水花园) r' R; t6 G- Y: ^2 i
Energy accumulation and conversion: a wind-powered rain park4 m) p, k5 t- o! n$ w. K; A3 r, R+ W
# u4 X9 i* k# B+ |) VWith an eco-solution for water storage and purification, the Park can reuse water as necessary. The rainwater storage tank is 283.5m3 and the maximum daily run-off that can be harvested is 665m3. The harvested rainwater can be reused for greening irrigation and replenishment of water feature. The sponge system, capitalizing on natural power, realizes the recycling of rainwater, wind power and motion energy. An iconic windmill in the Park can convert the wind power into motion energy, and pump up rainwater harvested in the wetland into the aqueduct, the beginning of the waterscape. Water falls from a height of 10m, retained and purified by terraces, creating the cascading waterfalls before returning to the wetland for recycling and replenishing the waterscape in the wetland.
- C9 g3 N7 @+ D- D5 z# W ) \$ Y/ O/ c; h  X6 Z0 O
▼海绵城市规划设计雨水循环系统 Rainwater circulation system of sponge city% d' }/ _* M5 ?; N) ]1 [
* c- _0 S5 [& J( x
mooool_AUBE_Shenwan-Street-Park_3.jpg ; v  j/ p+ z/ }8 T. _# C' O4 e

8 S  n8 \# x- h
  q& b+ J  _: V( `5 k- @; D▼水渠桥水景鸟瞰 Aerial view of aqueduct waterscape6 j3 F& D% T: i- p& ~9 b$ l" z
: F1 f" z0 ]! M- {" D# h2 a
mooool_AUBE_Shenwan-Street-Park_10.jpg ( |# N( _# {+ x+ ^8 b; K
4 R, W/ O7 y+ _, U
▼水渠桥水景 Aqueduct waterscape: n; t# @2 A5 A' G6 J$ G, m& G1 H
& r8 y" f/ @, F; r* C3 h: F
9 m* [1 q4 q6 A3 }; u% w% x
1 q3 k8 l' x- R5 c 0 S3 P+ C2 M) _% w7 O0 ^
水渠桥跌瀑溅起的水花,是孩子们的最爱,他们尝试各种方式与它进行互动。水磨石圆形水景由工参与者师傅精心打磨,不留下一个锐角,避免儿童在玩水过程受到磕碰。# E& L1 Q! \3 ~1 N5 }
The splashing waterfall at the aqueduct is undoubtedly the greatest fun for children, who can interact with water in any way possible. The round water stone is carefully polished, leaving no sharp corners that might cause any injury to children.: y8 `9 z. T2 i
. s' Y7 c: w6 v) e8 M+ g, W1 g
▼水磨石圆形水景 Round water stone
; m& c+ B  \8 _1 R2 h# d5 u' @) o2 i1 W" v9 U
mooool_AUBE_Shenwan-Street-Park_7.jpg   p! w! E; t! g1 h0 K5 E
. z2 O, p0 F2 D

1 U& `' N# M4 R$ n$ n用来沉淀过滤水质的砾石水杉林湿地里,甚至出现了蝌蚪,也能听见蛙鸣声。天光云影,虫鸣蛙叫,这里一切的活力与生机,都将成为孩子们可贵的童年记忆。
8 I9 x/ @" ~% L7 }7 iIn the graveled metasequoia wetland for water sedimentation and purification, there are even tadpoles and croaking frogs. Under a bright sky with fluttering clouds, insects are singing and frogs croaking, full of life and vitality. All this will remain as cherished memories of childhood for the young kids.
' }2 R  x3 j" u3 K 7 H% q# }' t9 r- ]7 w
▼砾石水杉湿地 Graveled metasequoia wetland
8 n; ~% q+ z8 {9 x8 E* Q5 r. N8 N3 l% j+ B
mooool_AUBE_Shenwan-Street-Park_14.jpg ' t' [/ U0 e5 g& ?. d& v2 w7 _9 S
) Y! b; B, R$ h  u% j: K
mooool_AUBE_Shenwan-Street-Park_8.jpg * h5 D" e! q% D9 r7 M

, p( b$ H5 p+ T
, y2 q+ w& G- w6 F社区设计空间活力:邻里生活容器 : _5 P8 Q6 q0 b% ?
Dynamic community space: a container of neighborhood life, e5 U1 j1 H/ z/ M
公园景观设计中心3500㎡的草坪,围合以园林景观建筑规划设计树林和芒草,让置身其中的居民短暂的与城市规划设计隔离,沉浸于树林、光与清新的空气里。不设限的开放plan,吸引居民以园林景观建筑规划设计最舒适的方式展开与自然的对话。 在林荫下、芒草旁,总能找到放松自我的角落,参与者们惬意地躺在草坪上,和朋友家参与者一同分享生活的趣事。
6 }: T, z- i3 j+ _' wAt the center of the Park is a 3,500 m² lawn enclosed by trees and silver grass, where residents can temporarily escape from the city and immense themselves in the trees, sunlight and fresh air. This fully accessible open space attracts residents to dialogue with nature in a most comfortable way. Under the trees or beside the silver grass, they can always find some intimate spaces for relaxation. Here, people can just lie on the grass and share the fun of their life with friends and families.
. t5 _. E4 P- Z$ ~' b% w+ ^/ t
/ Z2 i* Z- O6 }! {( D" Q# i: Y0 ?, p▼公园景观设计草坪 Park lawn" n$ R7 P0 {' h' O8 K& Q% n
7 s# P( s5 ~6 {
mooool_AUBE_Shenwan-Street-Park_9.jpg 5 R" M$ _. ]. R  D( q6 }% x

& J1 x& }+ a3 U7 G' m mooool_AUBE_Shenwan-Street-Park_11.jpg 2 ~: H0 [0 Q% l3 U$ Z
9 g  C7 n# }  k( d, [

  N4 q8 `# d* l/ i4 ]; m▼不设限的开放plan,吸引居民以园林景观建筑规划设计最舒适的方式展开与自然的对话 This fully accessible open space attracts residents to dialogue with nature in a most comfortable way
  j  c, H. H2 \8 P% v6 H6 O4 O0 Z( t* j6 g" X5 n9 v' ~9 Z
  X0 h- b1 J; i1 u7 j" `' c8 T" D
+ R2 J) O1 E6 {6 _9 A) B4 l6 @4 f3 A

1 v# v: U& [% K- {2 a% p4 K夜晚,水波纹灯光将草坪变身为海洋,社区交流场氛围变得柔和,连风也慢了下来,疗愈都市参与者高压设计工作下的疲惫的身体。
2 ^* u9 Q* i+ r1 W* [When night falls, the lawn is transformed into an ocean under the water ripple lighting, where the atmosphere for neighborhood interactions softens and even the wind slows down, healing the weary hearts under heavy pressure from work.
4 c/ X" @- I& C. _; T7 R7 i
/ H$ X5 P. F# A1 i. a% w' y▼波纹灯光下的草坪夜景 Lawn night view with water ripple lighting- k1 j* q! x/ i4 P& J

, r# s1 C5 Z1 b mooool_AUBE_Shenwan-Street-Park_16.jpg % e! g6 ~2 a9 g! P3 q' i
1 v, `( \6 h+ {. }5 i
▼艺术小品点缀着夜晚静谧的草坪 The artistic sculpture on the quiet lawn4 E7 a( x, K% u% N1 M0 u
! `9 v6 P, z! P1 J: |+ p/ I
mooool_AUBE_Shenwan-Street-Park_15.jpg ( t3 r! n3 u" x7 w8 e

7 _) R  ^, ~& ]0 K7 _
/ h8 z# y; y" H) H8 E! Z有趣的灵魂·健康的体魄 0 K' ^$ x, r0 [9 [$ ]4 O  @6 p
Intriguing soul · Healthy body
- C0 D  P: v2 w320M长的慢跑道,穿行于风铃木花林与芒草之间。透水混凝土材质满足雨水下渗需求的同时,吸引社区散步者及慢跑者共同参与运动。0 Q, p7 w; V- r! U* W
Meandering through the golden bell trees and silver grass is a 320m long jogging track. The permeable concrete not only infiltrates rainwater and at the same time, attracts people from the neighborhood to engage in walking or jogging.- Z+ q6 `& y) g: c7 a+ S

8 v9 R9 `/ F1 B1 |( n. r6 e▼公园景观设计慢跑道 Jogging path' \. |3 K/ |. P: o1 |+ q( }2 g+ e
% B# W5 ~0 T# |7 Z) [
' N) [: c" d, J; r' G' a8 W2 K& p, Z4 p* ~- k# U6 Z* [0 ~
0 D) C8 Z( d2 [- ~7 j4 k* I4 e% k' p+ g
6 s$ F+ O+ ~  j4 @/ w: ]! N# h
# v3 N* {2 Q" B% |, K0 ^Half hidden amidst the green azalea bushes on the north is a skateboard ground. The fair-face concrete floor rejuvenates sports enthusiasts of different ages to shed sweat heartily and share the fun of sporting. The white sand pit in the pet park is a new gathering space for pet lovers and pets, and also a popular destination for children.
  @: `# J* u8 y3 K( f# @$ m) V# h & H4 H* }/ G) w9 u9 x' s
▼公园景观设计滑板场 Skateboard ground* w2 M/ p: ?7 b2 M1 O
3 L( {4 v) Y) Q2 P" O; [- l& |5 K7 n
mooool_AUBE_Shenwan-Street-Park_18.jpg , [, d' @1 U6 S: |8 c9 U1 y

0 P2 v2 a9 ^& l6 b8 a& f mooool_AUBE_Shenwan-Street-Park_19.jpg 4 n5 N+ G9 ]4 k" D( e$ D1 A( U) l

+ {- G7 T- i+ l% c$ n; c( U- z. n mooool_AUBE_Shenwan-Street-Park_20.jpg ; D! X" O* i# \/ }

- a' G9 Q6 I( l/ V2 y$ h1 c 0 S- r: L2 F1 ?/ W
' c) ~. P) b1 {! o

0 |" n; F4 V7 v0 c# b. p4 z设计项目档案( t$ ?: k, J2 D6 K
, c' B7 [* R" g! @$ e( k0 x单位:深圳市欧博工程设计顾问有限设计公司
3 {, {' @' W; l4 d5 SAUBE 欧博设计Team:祝捷,叶清,熊海燕,朱颖迪,罗佳晨,李永炫,张昌蓉,陆思雯,陈健玲,* [- {$ @8 _3 }6 u! e$ R
聂云飞,谢建伟,岑颖茵,王悦参与者,李齐波,周奇,许少良,许梦林,卢婷婉,罗荣灿,孙权利! [1 F7 j" M) B' E0 t+ H+ z" m
建设设计单位:深圳地铁万科投资发展有限设计公司- v) A. Y" B1 D
. A* H* X0 ~7 P+ x! V2 Z使用设计单位:深圳市南山区城管局
! L$ F# X# D6 ^2 `8 \3 R. s施工图设计:深圳本末度景观建筑设计有限设计公司1 k+ j% i' @5 s" J
* `2 b. v$ ], P% _, h4 y, A园建施工:深圳市鹏雅美术装饰设计有限设计公司
5 h; R( \+ f( P6 @" j1 U环境绿化施工:深圳市新五月花生态环境设计装饰有限设计公司
  A1 ^' {8 F( i: N9 d花境顾问:深圳春泥园艺有限设计公司2 b# j1 `8 }8 E# b) [
, K& h! N2 o. ^$ A用地规划面积: 11 600 ㎡
4 _5 @  X( u$ D9 p3 J9 j# S: C景观建筑规划面积: 11 643 ㎡
! r/ m- f* h; K& J/ M+ F设计建设周期:2019 年 -2015 年
0 f! ^, W+ Z2 V9 I摄影师:曾天培
0 G, r7 z. h# I/ J! MProject Profile5 b' d& n- k$ `
Project Location: Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province2 A1 G- ~! N' b7 L) ~! m* y
* O# v4 W* ~  M2 {" JAUBE Designer 团队: Zhu Jie, Ye Qing, Xiong Haiyan, Zhu Yingdi, Luo Jiachen, Li Yongxuan, Zhang Changrong, Lu Siwen, Chen Jianling, Nie Yunfei, Xie Jianwei, Cen Yingyin, Wang Yueren, Li Qibo, Zhou Qi, Xu Shaoliang, Xu Menglin, Lu Wanting, Luo Rongcan, Sun Quanli8 J) ]6 a  P$ r  h; b; `" ^, s
Client: Shenzhen Metro Vanke Investment Development Co. Ltd.$ K$ q3 N4 \1 ]0 e
Vanke Landscape 团队: Che Di, Xu Chuanyu
4 T, |% p. O! G. e$ ?% DUser: Urban Management Bureau of Nanshan District, Shenzhen
5 _; x! O/ O" h  [" U: dArchitect of record: Shenzhen Origin-End Anchoring landscape design co., LTD.
! [- T3 F+ p: U) r) ?% KLighting Designer: HAN DU ASSOCIATES
6 m+ M  G2 v- B& z; o. H) K8 YLandscaping Contractor: Shenzhen Pengya Arts & Crafts Design Co., Ltd.
+ O/ z' @7 I! E, k& w, tPlanting Contractor: Shenzhen Xinwuyuehua Environmental Design & Decoration Co., Ltd.
# I  p  P1 ^9 Z9 {Floral Design Consultant: Shenzhen Chunni Gardening Co., Ltd.8 W, I2 h- ~/ b3 f, O
Sponge City Design Consultant: Shenzhen Lvhe Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
5 I' @* }0 z7 G2 mSite: 11,600 m²1 J( \. A# o) h) B
Landscaping Area: 11,643 m²8 Q) q# |* N6 e6 @& ]- v) I
Date of Design & Construction: from 2019 to 2015
6 e/ X: S' Z# x5 N, ]Photographer: Zeng Tianpei
5 t$ s! Z+ c5 @+ ?7 g( O; l' M
8 a" |' j1 X2 y  E更多 Read more about: AUBE欧博设计2 [2 Z0 P( A' i) c' H

  S- y+ s1 ?# t
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